In many ways! Your business or individual Faxing need is easily addressed using FaxApp as your handy solution.

Be those following situations:

  • Scan a document & fax.
  • Send the business documents such as contracts, agreements, receipts, etc. at an odd hour.
  • Need to fax while working from different locations, your offices, or home. A physical fax machine is inconvenient.
  • You don't want to rely on your telephone network/PSTN line.
  • Some companies, organizations, and Government departments accept only fax as a legal document.

The above list is not the only situation. It will give you the insight that there are many cases where traditional Fax solutions may not help.

FaxApp is there to serve you when you face any such issues or needs.

All you need is a WiFi or mobile data and phone, and the rest is super easy to set up once and start Faxing.

With a little monthly (or weekly) fee, even lesser than 3 ice cream scoops at Baskin Robbins, you can send faxes wherever you are.